Liam Jordan Richards

Liam is a camera-operating enthusiast with a passion for creativity throughout his camera work. His open-minded, "no boundaries" approach and ease under pressure makes him quick to adapt to fast moving environments and any team or setting.

He is also an active and experienced runner, particularly throughout children's television working for CBeebies/CBBC on studio-based shows such as Sam and Marks BFWU, CrackerJack!, CBeebies Presenter Links and experienced throughout fast-paced office runner duties and events such as BBC Academy, BBC Summer Social, Sport Relief and ScreenSkills.

Alongside being a runner, Liam is experienced with talent management and assisting with casting for

studio shows on the day of shoots in live audience studio environments.


A showreel highlighting my work as a Cinematographer and Videographer throughout my final year at university.

Drowning Ophelia (Experimental Short)

Short experimental piece I shot following a Drowning Ophelia in a dream-like replicated underwater landscape - created by using camera effects, lighting techniques and D.I.Y materials. Equipment used: Arri Alexa Mini (Super Slow-Mo) Zeiss CP.2 Lenses: 35mm, 50mm, 85mm Arri Sky Panels Dedo Lighting kit.

Collaborators: Liam Richards (Cinematographer), Ioana (Editor)

ALLSAINTS - You Out Tonight? 1/3

ALLSAINTS x UWE Collaboration fashion shoot - Analysing previous mainstream content and then incorporating characteristics and visual style into my own creative videography stylistic choices which I shot and co-directed. Shot with the Sony FS5, Samyang 24mm & 35mm Lenses.

KiiSH - I Will Hurt You (Official Music Video)

Upcoming Bristol based Rap Artist 'KiiSH's first music video. Using multiple locations I was provided with in very short notice, I carefully used each environment to help represent the style of the artist to provide the best possible outcome. Equipment used: Sony FS5, 24mm samyang lens, mounted light panel.

Motivation Monday - Short Film

Short form piece I story-boarded and then shot using the Sony FS5, 22mm, 35mm and 85mm Lenses.

Collaborators: Liam Richards (Director of Photography), Evan Roberts (Producer and Editor)