Marina Aparicio Arribas

Marina was born in Madrid, Spain, and was drawn from a very young age towards writing and developing short fiction stories. After taking a couple of Creative Writing courses, she decided to drop out of her Biology degree in Madrid and moved to Bristol to become a filmmaker. During the last three years, Marina has worked as writer and director for a varied range of projects: short fictions, documentaries and promotional videos. She has also worked in different roles in the art department, both for student films and professional projects.

Before COVID-19 started, she was about to shoot her

second fiction short The Good Robin, a project that explores female taboos around sexuality and STDs. Her main goals after graduation are to find a job where she can learn from experienced professionals whilst developing her own projects on the side.

Where The Heart Is

Where The Heart Is is a short documentary that tells the story of a group of girls from a rural area of Spain who reflect on the progressive abandonment of their home village and how it has shaped their future.

Collaborators: Anna Meszaros (Sound Recordist), Nathan Powles (Sound Recordist & Designer), Chris Danter (Editor), Shauna Paul (Colorist)

Virtual Landscapes

Virtual Landscapes is a 90-second documentary that I made in collaboration with UK-based artist @ex.icon as part of the BFI #ShortItOut challenge. The documentary showcases some of @ex.icon´s virtual landscapes, their methods working with AI and how society interacts with the online space.

Collaborators: Nathan Powles (Sound Designer)

A Forest

A Forest is a short sci-fi drama that explores identity and romantic relationships online. It was done as part of one of my first-year university modules.

Collaborators: Chris Danter (Production Designer), Shayan Ghorbanian (1st AD), Zoë Midwinter (Producer)

PDF - click image to view

The Good Robin

The Good Robin is a short fiction that we were about to shoot before the whole country went into lockdown. Robin, a young woman who fears being HIV-positive, has to face her fear of rejection in order to get help from her best friend.