Nathan Powles

I work in both production and post-production sound in the independent film sector, however I'm looking to specialise as a sound designer - creatively designing the acoustics of a film to bolster the themes, subtexts and characters in a film. I have been conducting this alongside my writing practises, creating audio dramas to develop and showcase my abilities in both fields.

Coming from an agricultural background, I've recently found a way to share this underrepresented way of life, through (separate) existential and comedic writing. These are ideas I've developed into short films, audio dramas and a pilot for a series.


made use of lockdown by creating the audio drama Hessle!, a sci-fi comedy drama, inspired by 50's horror movies, about the impact of one man's relationship with a monster. I designed it to have a cinematic soundscape to push the boundaries of what an audio drama could be.


Gwyd is approaching his late-thirties. He hasn’t done anything spectacular with his life. His girlfriend, Sharon, works from home, but works harder than the average person. One night Gwyd proves to Sharon that he can act like an adult by revealing to her his new son; the ginormous sea-creature Hessle!

Collaborators: Gwydion Ap Hedd (Voice Actor), Isaac Burnett (Voice Actor), Suzanna Rajnai (Voice Actor)

Where The Heart Is

Over the years, more and more young people have moved out of the village of Mozoncillo, Spain, to seek work in the city or abroad, leaving it near to abandoned in the winter periods. I wanted this to sound very magical, to evoke a sense of nostalgia to their youth.

Collaborators: Marina Aparicio (Director, Producer), Anna Meszaros (Sound Recordist), Chris Danter (Editor)

Post-Apocalyptic Poets

Grace is a poet, a musician, and the last person alive on Earth (or at least that’s what she believes). This was the first project that I properly took up the role of Sound Designer, where I utilised environmental sounds, like birdsong, to convey themes of loneliness and isolation.

Inside The Arts

Inside The Arts is an audio series where I mock events in the news and the arts and create and use my own satirical characters and news for a political and cultural reflection on our society.

Collaborators: Isaac Burnett (Voice Actor), Gwydion Ap Hedd (Voice Actor)

Porcelain Boys

A coming of age short film, based around the anxiety and pressures of sex and maturity during adulthood. I wanted to audibly create two contrasting worlds that Nadine, our protagonist, has to venture through; her home life, which is simple-sounding and quiet, and the party, which is overwhelming and disorientating.

Collaborators: Dominic Duck-Garnham (Director), Marina Aparicio (Costume), Cai Dickinson (Production Design), Jasmine Luff (Production Design)

Drum Backing Track to Faithless - We Come 1

I organised this project as I wanted to learn how to record live drums and mix them to a backing track. I organised this to expand my knowledge of microphones used for music production and how they differ from microphones used in film.