Shauna Paul

I am a film graduate with primary interests in directing music videos and colour grading. I have previously done commissioned work for MShed in Bristol, where I filmed, interviewed and edited five different Bristol residents and tattoo artists about their work.

I also directed a documentary with a focus on Saffron Records, my sister's Bristol-based artist development platform, which helps female musicians by offering exclusive music tech and DJ courses, and gives needed support to individual emerging artists. I continue to learn and I am excited to expand my work and get started with new projects.


Solomon O.B speaking a short piece on mental health, directed by myself.

Grove - Cool Down / Burn Up

A music video for a Bristol based artist, Grove. Directed and edited by myself. DOP: Ollie Ablethorpe

Collaborators: Ollie Ablethorpe (DOP), Shauna Paul (Director, Editor)

Cooking with Saffron (Documentary)

A short documentary about women in music in Bristol, focusing primarily on the artist Mercy's Cartel who was - at the time - part of my sister's label, Saffron Records. Directed by myself, edited by Paul Wilfred Clark and Jass Somers.