Shayan Ghorbanian

I'm the only 21 year old I know who actively wants to pursue a career in Post-Production management, co-ordination, media operating and all the other media operating export codec buzzword type stuff.

To learn more about the roles, I acted as the Post-Supervisor for 11 graduate films. This involved organising and prioritising room bookings, advising producers on their post schedules, aiding workflow solutions between departments and troubleshooting with post crew on delivery and general software issues.

All of this has given me sound insight, knowledge and experience for roles such as media operating, edit assisting, production coordination and, of course,

editing. I've always loved keeping my digital workstations organised and so making sure that media productions have the most organised and efficient workflows is something of a passion.

PDF - click image to view


Collection of excel docs I made to keep track of all the projects I was overseeing as Post-Supervisor for the first semester of Graduate films.