Suzanna Rajnai

Suzanna is a Hungarian filmmaker specialising in Production. Her previous experience involves editing, camera operating, sound recording as well as writing and directing dramas and comedies. Through these roles she has gained a thorough insight to the production process that provided a strong base for her producing work later on.

Spreadsheets aside, she is an aspiring comedian, constantly developing material and appearing on open mic nights in Bristol every now and then as well as writing sketches with other aspirational writers and comedians.

Suzanna is looking to get into Production Managing and Assisting to learn more about TV and film production

to one day be able to produce new and fresh comedy specials and sketch shows.

For further projects, stand up comedy and more information, please go to https//


Trailer for our graduation film, Heartthrob, produced by me. The film is currently in distribution and has already been selected to multiple festivals. The official release of the film will be in the spring of 2021.

Collaborators: Frankie Cilia (Cinematographer & Colorist), Chris Pugh (Gaffer), Chloe Law (Director)

King Charles Music Video

Produced the music video for the Radio 6 regular, King Charles' Deeper Love/Freak music video. The project was made for the London based music PR company, Autonomy.

Collaborators: Chris Danter (1st AC), Dominic Duck-Garnham (BTS Photographer)


Our final graduation film, produced by myself. Luminance is currently in pre-production, due to COVID-19. We are very excited to resume shooting around the beginning of 2021.

Collaborators: Chris Pugh (Writer & Director), Frankie Cilia (Cinematographer), Dominic Duck-Garnham (Gaffer)

KODAK Nahemi Competition Entry 2020

Charles Thyrwhitt commercial made for the 2020 Nahemi KODAK competition. The short was shot on 35mm film. Produced by Suzanna Rajnai.

Collaborators: Frankie Cilia (Cinematographer), Anna Meszaros (Gaffer, Location Manager), Marina Aparicio (Production Designer), Alice Flood (1st AD)