Zoë Midwinter

During my 3 years at UWE Film, I've had the freedom to explore different elements of Filmmaking and allowed myself to become fully absorbed in learning as much as I could.

Whilst I've dabbled a little in directing, producing and even foley recording, I developed my skills as a camera operator on small scale projects, and finally settled as an editor. I know my way around a camera, and prior to the pandemic shot live drag performances in a dynamic documentary style.

But it is as an editor I find myself most at ease, and I am currently proficient in

Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer, and have earned my Avid MC Certification. Alongside this, I have started to learn Davinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects. This is to build myself an essential editing toolkit, so I can take on any project that comes my way.

Stressed Puddle - 48 Hour Film Challenge

A film I directed for the 48 hour film challenge, in which we were given 2 words to create a short film from. Our words were 'Stressed' and 'Puddle.'

Collaborators: Kieran Jones (Star!), Alice Flood (Writer), Robert Mills (Camera), Zoë Midwinter (Director)

David Spielberg

"A short film recounting my experience being held hostage by a mentally ill stranger. Making this film has helped me explore the difference between flight and fight and why someone may choose to do neither. This film was made as part of the Narrative module at UWE_Film." - Shayan Ghorbanian

Collaborators: Zoë Midwinter (Editor), Shayan Ghorbanian (Director), Ioana Ioana2.Bulai@live.uwe.ac.uk (Producer/Colourist), Liam Richards (Gaffer), Jack Perry (Sound), Charlie Palfreeman (Casting/Colourist), Kieran Jones (1st AD)

Peace & Quiet - Ad

A short advertisement made as part of the commercial short form module, in conjunction with Off the Record Bristol. Written and Directed by me!

Collaborators: Zoë Midwinter (Camera/Director), Alice Flood (Editor/Producer), Cai Dickinson (Production Designer/Co Director)