Zoe Phelps

I am a recent UWE Filmmaking graduate specialised in production design, currently based in South West London. A creative pull attracts me to production design, developing the psychology behind the colours and shapes in a room to provoke different tones in a film. Design and concept creation are unique strengths of mine. I like working with Premiere Pro, InDesign, Illustrator and SketchUp - a great platform to plan and show my production design ideas digitally.

I have done a few commercials and have explored the methodology of how to enhance the promotion of a product in visual form

and thoroughly enjoy that style of filmmaking. I am also very interested in the study of people and how they can be shown and celebrated in documentaries.

This is a set design I made in sketchup. Designing for emotion, showing how colour and shapes work together to portray emotions

' Me and I ' Set design

Learning sketchup and Designing for emotion, showing how colour and shapes work together to portray emotions. The rectangles and straight lines are harsh, tidy and clean, like Felix and his obsessive nature to attempt order when his thoughts are out of his control.

'Girl in the elevator' Harvey Nichols advert for Kodak competition

Production Designer on this Harvey Nichols advert to enter kodak competition.

Collaborators: Ali aj2-heyes (Director), Mac Harwood (producer), Jasmine Luff (co designer)

Soil Association Commercial

The idea was about a good and bad soil to promote the soil association, a charity based in the uk to stop intensive farming and promote organic food.

Collaborators: Callum Cutler (Dop)

Ape2o Advert

This film was to not only to highlight the plastic pollution crisis but to promote the positivity and good work that ape2o are doing, to stop single use plastic bottles, switching to reusable bottles. I came up with the concept, directed and was the production designer.

Collaborators: Shauna Paul (colour grader)

'Through the decades'

This is a stop motion animation of mini-scale sets, designed and made by myself, of living rooms throughout the decades 40/50's, 60/70's, 80/90's

Ape2o Video Installation

This is a video installation is to make people reflect on how they would like it if plastic bottles were in our homes, like it is for the marine life. I came up with the concept and design hand stencilling the wallpaper.

Collaborators: Shauna Paul (set construction)