Alice Sheppard Fidler

Sheppard Fidler’s work derives from what she refers to as ‘the rubbing up against the everyday’. She builds sculptures, installations and uses her body within the work, taking the mundane and transforming it into newly constructed configurations.

The tools and language of a past creative practice in set design act as material for the work, as does the process of reuse, not just for environmental concerns but as a way of accessing stored narratives within materials. She thinks of the works as ‘temporary stagings’ in which the transience of the work is key, whether it is an object that can

be packed away or a performance which cannot be repeated. The work seeks to control the human figure by appearing on the point of departure with emptiness operating as an invitation, encouraging immersion in the moment.


2018, velvet curtain fabric, timber support, scaffold pole, clips, sash cord, 300 x 300cm, photo: Article Studio

Feedback Loop

2019, Cotton hand towels, stitched to form continuous loop, aluminium ladders, dimensions variable, photo: Sarah Maingot


2019, timber, sisal twine, brackets, 250 x 60 x 210cm, photo: Article Studio


2019 (empty shop installation) velvet curtains, buckets, overall dimensions variable, photo: Sarah Maingot

Fifty two, stacked

2018, concrete block paving bricks, velvet curtain fabric, 270 x 20 x 10cm, photo: Article Studio


2018, jiffy bags, ink, sand, overall dimensions variable