Andrew Brooks

I am a collector and teller of stories. Stories make us unique and reveal what bind us together.

I am interested in the empathetic connections between the work and those experiencing it. By collecting information about the world’s elements, telling specific stories, it can be possible to highlight our commonalities and find the universal.

My projects often work with communities or groups of people. As well as being an artist I am an architect, musician and composer and use varied mediums and styles appropriate to each project to expose and tell stories; this includes paper, word,

video, installation, performance and sound-based art.

The work presented here are two linked projects, 'Binary Series' and 'Binary Stories', that relate to the neurological condition, Functional Neurological Disorder (FND).

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You could have Functional Neurological Disorder tomorrow

Ink on paper, 2019, 190cm x 150cm. Part of 'Binary Series'. This series relates to living with the neurological disorder, Functional Neurological Disorder (FND).

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Ink on paper, 2019, 150cm x 40cm. Part of 'Binary Series'.

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Imitation gold leaf on paper, 2019, 180cm x 60cm. Part of 'Binary Series'.

A Constant Replay Of Past Mistakes

Ink on paper, 2019, 6 pieces each piece 40cm x 40cm. Part of 'Binary Series'.

Binary Stories: 'From Ballad to Verse' and 'Music Becomes Sound'

Silent video installation using two short throw projectors, 2019. This pair of silent videos, to be played continuously and concurrently, records the subject’s reaction while being read a section from their favourite childhood book, they then explain living with FND. A preview of the videos is available at

Three Words

Silent video, 2020, 1:30 minutes. Part of 'Binary Stories'. This work was made in conjunction with FND FrieNDs, an FND support group. These are the results of the question ‘What three words would you describe your FND?’