Nicola Grellier

Through drawing, collage, print, stitch and found object assemblage, my work is centred around integrally connected notions of memory, time and language. The work continues and diverts the effect of time on matter with lengthy processes which weigh a touching absurdity against precarious outcomes.

Domestic household or clothing materials, and discarded objects are worked on with readily available, functional products, over lengthy time in a response to the dehumanising speed of contemporary living. The materials both hold and suggest traces of memory.

Single words, fraught with misinterpretation, communicate the difficulty and hilarity of making oneself understood through language and point to

ideas about printed reproduction and the dissemination of ideas, truth and confusion.

I have been a practising artist for over 30 years since graduating from Chelsea in 1988.

APPREHENSION graphite, collage on board 2019 107 x 153 cm

Apprehension 2019 graphite and collage on board 107 x 153 cm

When her mother was six, her father killed himself. He may have been having a love affair, or her mother was. Or he was an alcoholic, or killed his father-in-law in a car crash. Or he had debts he couldn’t pay. It may be too late to know.

CONSUMPTION silk, cotton wadding, wool 2020 121 x 128cm

Consumption 2020 silk, cotton wadding and wool 121 x 128 cm

She can’t help being bourgeois. She was born that way.

PROJECT graphite, paper, screen 2018 160 x 168 cm

Project 2018 graphite, found paper, screen 160 x 168 cm

She has a silk shirt she bought when she was eighteen. She could never wear it, the shape was wrong. She kept giving it away and taking it back without ever wearing it. She liked it very much though, because of its pattern. Complicated but only black and white.

STATE silk, hessian 2019 110 x 65 cm

State 2019 embroidery silk and hessian 110 x 65 cm

People used to tell her she didn’t really have a name because she wasn’t christened.

Domestic Objections digital photograph 2020

Domestic Objections 2020 digital photograph

Her mother had wanted a different life but had no will to change the one she was living.

A POCALYPSE 285/337 2020 19.5 x 19 cm

A Pocalypse 2020 ink and paper 19 x 19.5 cm

She had to practice using the fire escape. She put the rope around her torso and climbed out. Her brother was below, looking up her skirt. She could see the rope was loose, she was going to drop. She clung on to the ledge. In the end she let go.