Terry Silvester

Within Terry Silvester’s work there is a fascination with creating discomfort, producing an uncertainty around the image and its motive, which may lead to apprehension and unease.

The work exists in this borderland between the real and the imaginary, the films are led by real characters, locations and experiences. Erratic narratives move between the deeply personal and the extreme, and are poetically elevated, and beautiful. The sequences are fragmented and do not unfold linearly, but instead jump from one moment to the next. These moments are autobiographical and are drawn from the artist’s own memories and experiences. There is

no attempt to hide the artist’s presence and this is integral to the folding and unfolding of the images across time and space.

The interaction between characters and the camera’s lens play a vital role in bringing forth a fragility that transcends the artist’s personal endeavours.


[Still image from Fertile] Weaving together the lives of a thirty year old man and a one year old child, Fertile draws upon their individual moments in nature to expand across themes such as a mother's love, cleansing, innocence and wonder. Video with sound, 10 minutes

Sometimes I Want To Crash My Car Into Oncoming Traffic

[Still image from Sometimes I Want To Crash My Car Into Oncoming Traffic] A collection of VHS tapes recored by the artist's father. Video with sound, 8 minutes