Adiba Ndiwe

I am a 22 year old, queer artist of colour that's based in both Cardiff and Bristol. My thematic interests usually concern topics that I can personally identify with, such as racial identity, sexuality, human behaviour and the various philosophical and existential concepts that intrigue me. My curiosity around and honest approach towards my observations permits my audience to recognise each of my works as vulnerable visualisations and documented segments of me as a person. I use an array of mediums such as pen, pencil, oil, sculpture, photography and film.


(2018), pencil on paper

Look at the Sky!

(2018), oil on canvas


(2020), coloured pencil, pen and string collage on paper


(2020), acrylic paint, coloured pencil, liquid metal, pastel and watercolour on paper

Daily Essentials

(2020), oil on canvas


*The maximum sentence for engaging in homosexual behaviour in Nigeria is 14 years. That's 168 months, 730 weeks, 5,110 days of punishment for loving someone that you can't help but love* (2020), acrylic paint and oil on canvas