Anna Young

My name is Anna Young (b. 1999) and I am an upcoming Fine artist based around the South West.
The work that I create is playfully stupid.
I have a key interest in anthropology and sociology within my practice, learning about people and the interactions they have in society intrigues me. This involves learning about political and social movements. I have a strong attentiveness towards feminism and this is evident throughout my artwork.
In my degree the concepts of my work related to the issues of women and using satire to present them. Aesthetically, my work tends to be

chaotic, colourful and exaggerated. I relish in combining fantasy and realism to discuss darker subject matter in art. I want my work to allow conversation to be instigated with different people and for it to inspire response in people’s thoughts and actions. Also the work to be enjoyable and physically engaging.

The Man Says Buy Now

Mix media piece of one of my characters 'The Man', in relation to capitalism.

Let's Play- Are You the Perfect Housewife?

A screen grab from my film: 'Let's Play- Are You the Perfect Housewife?'

Consume Me

A screen grab from my film: 'Consume Me'


Mix media digital collage/advert play.


Digital mix media collage in relation to Social media and filtered perceptions.

The Virus

A screen grab from my film: 'The Virus'