Apple Blossom Cousins-Scovell

I am a social media concerned, satire obsessed, and enthusiastically disturbed consumer of popular culture. Utilising the historical medium of illusion and façade in theatre and performance, my films explore the ever-present and growing relationship between media corruption and the sexualisation of our younger generations, most recently coined ‘The Lolita Effect’ (M.Gigi. Durham, 2009). My focus is on our societal fascination with eroticised imagery of children’s bodies, the commodification of this and my concerns around the dangers of combining adult sexual motifs with childhood innocence.

Post uni, I have been focusing on my anti-fast fashion line - Angel Brains, a

brand that offers a queer safe space and encourages dressing for yourself, not for the eyes of others, all whilst providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for those who wish to shop with a clear conscience.

A Song for a Nymphet <br>[Trigger warning: sexually explicit language, allusions to pedophillia]

Settle down with our narrator Felicity the Deep Fake Fairy and embark on a journey to a psychedelic dimension Harlequin, Pantaloon and Columbina take on a refreshed form, with all the camp and glamour of British pantomime and all the wink-wink nudge-nudge of a satire strung peaceful protest.

Connie-Spiracy and her Miniature Musical Theatre <br>[Trigger warning: sexually explicit language, allusions to pedophillia]

Connie-Spiracy performs a political poem about the modern day 'Boogie Man' (Video mock up of original projected performance in a paper theatre-installation.)


Promo video for my sustainable clothing line - Angel Brains Soundtrack by Third Generation Losers

Emaciated Emi <br>[Trigger warning: sexually explicit language, allusions to pedophillia]

Introducing Galaxy Girls most recent edition doll 'Emaciated Emi'! Satirical promo ad for the lastest must-have doll for little girls.