Beckie Mitchell

Focussed on language and space, my work attempts to understand the process of thinking. These quiet installations offer an alternative context to a mundane object or a simple word; they allow the viewer to carefully consider something in which they may often ignore as it is deemed unimportant. Existing in this space in-between the everyday and the realm of the removed; words and objects lose their functionality. There becomes an unsettling feeling of familiarity combined with disassociation, as the use value of language and its connection to the world are questioned.


2020, ink on paper printed three times, 27.9 x 42 cm.

An Observation of the Moment

2019, single-channel video, 02.58 min.


2019, sound work, cello, 01.13 min.


2020, installation, paper, wooden board, dimensions variable (installation view May 2020).

Recycling is good, isn't it?

2019, single-channel video, 01.59 min.

Bit by Bit

2019, installation, camera, dimensions variable (installation view May 2019).