Catherine Pritchard


I work mostly with video, illustration and poetry. Each project includes multiple works, often in a range of different media. These diverse works interact with one another, culminating in a final set or installation. I create multisensory experiences through the marriage of visual pieces, spoken word and movement, often subtly mocking my subject matter in a revolt against distressing topics. My work serves to make light of weighty emotions, and acts as a dry comedic narrative of particular situations.

Achievements & Experience

Qualifications and Experience:

Fine Art BA(Hons) University of the West of England, 2020

Brand building for my own brand Critch. This included designing and creating a logo, website and social media platform (2020)

Curating, organising, and installing The End of the World exhibition (Bristol, 2019)

Studio Assistant for John Harrison and Paul Wood at Spike Island (2019)


The End of the World (Bristol, 2019)

Going Up (Bristol, 2019)

Lady Lazarus (Bristol, 2019)

20 Eggs in My Pocket (Bristol, 2019)

Hello My Name Is... (Bristol, 2019)


Competition proposal winner for the F-Block Gallery, Bower Ashton (Bristol, 2019)

Featured Projects:

Digital Illustration

Accidents Happen

2020, Digital drawing, 415 mm x 568 mm

Part 1

2020, Video, 00:02:46 The first part of two part video series, incorporating costume making and set design.

Part 2

2020, Video, 00:01:37 The second part of two part video series, incorporating costume making and set design.

She Dances Anyway

2019, Video, 00:04:49 Music by Cormac Nagle

She Dances Anyway

2019, installation view

Digital illustration

Hydration Station

2020, Digital Drawing, 228mm x 290mm