Daisy Hills

I am a text-based artist that is interested in creating a narrative that blurs the line between the subjective and the objective. My work is a combination of anecdotes, media, and fiction, and by interweaving these types of storytelling I create worlds that exist in liminal spaces of material cultures.

These texts manifest in performance, projection, posters, and poetry, all existing in an instant and under exact circumstances, and then never truly re-experienced. Small spaces, demands of interaction, and far too much over-sharing force an intimacy between me and the

audience in a desire for understanding.

My work is permeated by a sense of nostalgia, recreating memories that never existed and conversations that never happened. I am interested in the politics of taking up space, and the spaces in-between public and private; coded love letters on the internet and whispers into pillows.

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Heart Block, or Bradyarrhythmia for Short

An art writing piece about illness and what it means to be healthy.

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An autobiographical art writing piece about home and how memories of it slip away from you, even as you're living them.

If You're Going To Tell Me You Don't Like This Dress I'm Sticking My Head Right In The Oven

Rooted in the aesthetics of the housewife and how the Stepford wives, Sylvia Plath, and I have and will fail as one. Displayed as a layered audio piece with multiple different voices speaking in sync across an installation space.

Pillow Talk

A confession of things I'd rather not think about, I hope it brings us closer, that you stay resting next to me. Normally played from a small speaker inside of a pillow on a plinth, inviting the audience to rest their head for a moment and listen.


A video essay navigating my eating disorder, pop music artist Taylor Swift's eating disorder, a girl I will never see again's eating disorder, and our collective consumption of capital in lieu of food.


A film about the use of the Brechtian "Not / But" technique is to communicate to the audience that you're not just choosing to do one thing, but choosing not to do any other options, as there is no pre-determined fate, only options.