Daisy Jones

Aesthetically, I appreciate the things many don’t; the kitsch, tacky and grotesque. The hyper-pop, DIY-aesthetic running throughout my work is influenced by my nostalgia for my 90s/00s childhood. Through set design, sensory spaces, surreal imagery and more, I explore taboo subjects through a rose-tinted gaze.

The Reprocessing Realities project encompasses my grandmothers journey with Alzheimers. As her condition worsens, her hallucinations and stories became more vivid. With vanishing doors, imaginary children, stones turning into sweets, I started to imagine an alternate reality that she was somehow unlocking.

My love for set design trickled into this faux reality, helping me to make

symbolic sense of my indescribable emotions. Creating sentimental, surreal worlds through the use of clay, textile, dioramas and digital processing.

I am 1/4 of DEEP FAT FRIED art collective, aiming to make the art world more inclusive for all types of art and all types of people.

Stuck in the iridescent mud, 2020, Digital Collage, Large-Scale Print

Cystematically, 2020, Digital Collage, Large-Scale Print

Nostalgic loop, 2020, Digital Collage, Large-Scale Print

Plan for a digital printed tapestry of 'Stuck in the iridescent mud' (2020)

Aluminium Link, 2020, Digitally Manipulated Image, Large-Scale Print

Reprocessing Realities, 2020, single-channel HD video, monitor, 1920 × 1080, Duration 02:08.