Ella Cairns

I’ve found myself in this in-between place, stuck between states. I am interested in chaos and at the same time structure. The gap, that pocket of air, the nothing that could be something, the centre of tension. The push and pull from order to disorder. I draw inspiration from folklore and myth,

I make work from the municipal; investigating technology's effect on the ancient ways and how the two mutate in modern day. I have become entranced by the power hub at the end of my street. I have grown up listening to its song, none the wiser to

the power it emits. Concrete is numinous, power lines are a portal. In my installation proposal Transmissions, the viewer is confronted with a sense that these industrial-like objects allude to something far more magical.

Play With Your Luck (2019)

plasticine, 7.5cm

Ritual Movement (2020)

linocut print on heavyweight card, 21 x 14cm

Self-doubt Growing in the Corner of My Room (2020)

charcoal on paper, 14.8 x 21cm

The Dancing Stones (2020)

Four-channel, looped, 00:03 | The Dancing Stones is a 4 monitor video display that is part of my installation proposal. The gyrating figures move in unison, their rhythm is indifferent to that of the constant humming sound. This is a spiritual happening.

Transmissions (2020)

Single-channel, 01:47 | Transmissions is a part of my installation proposal. Using digital manipulation, sound and video I construct narratives that allude to a semi-dystopian world that coexists with ours.