Erin Gillies

I have experience working in events both in a professional setting and in more DIY projects. I have curated and programmed my own exhibitions and events, working alongside the collective I am part of, On the Bench. I plan to continue working on my own projects, involving students on creative courses at UWE and other emerging practitioners in Bristol. I hope to be able to transfer these skills into working for an arts organisation, assisting with events and programming.

DIY exhibitions, fundraising, curation and programming events, artist liaison.

My practice is based in text and research. Exploring memory, place, objects

and movement. I research and read and write. I am looking to start an art writing MA in the next couple of years.

Text, sound, moving image.



A drawing taken from a set that were made during/after walking.

Walk, 02.20

A walk taken in Dungeness, February 2020

PDF - click image to view

That Chopping Sound - no.3

That Chopping Sound is a sporadic zine, sometimes taking a month to make, other times only a day. A collaboration of fragmented writings, small town news stories, blind dates, trout, unruly pigeons, long lost sofas and successful car boot sales.

Collaborators: Isaac Jordan (Co-producer/editor)