Esther Hesketh

There’s a stool at the end of the bed, a 3-legged perch with a pentagon top,
the seat in front of the dining table, after a meal with the gold fish trifle,
An upright sofa, too tall and pink and the last bench around the lake.
The chairs too have now become spectacle.

My new balcony is a smokers bench.
At the house on top of the pub around the corner from the water.

I am waiting for a dinner party where the seats can come out,
Or take to the road for a parade to pass.

(metal, wood, kinetic, sculptures, furniture,

public, space, text, spoken)

Esther’s practice follows the functions and objects of everyday surroundings, she works closely with metal and fabrication materials to create sculptural scenes and installations, in parallel to her texts.

A memory, a place, a thought.

A funny little bench

An illustration of a bench, welded and rocking

The awning of a balcony

An illustration and installation. Textile, wood.

Bidabada Bidabada Bidabada Bong

Mechanical kinetic sculpture. Aluminium cast batons, Welded stand.

Untitled, Work in progress

A collection of benches, perch's, tables, stools and stands.