Hela Mrvová-Vine

I had a few conversations [conversations are work]
I flicked through some pages [flicking through pages is work]
my eyes doing the left-to-right thing
words, words [again]
I spent a lot of time thinking [...]
and a lot of time trying not to think
I talked to an empty room [language]
I wanted to hear what the room had heard [language?]
I contemplated duality
I contemplated duplicity
built-in contradictions
I spend a long time thinking about if

/> regret


I wrote some time ago:

“I go for a walk
I walk in the dark
I don’t feel safe
I carry on”
I carry on

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We may have fallen already. Or disappeared. Swimming, dreaming, speaking. The shelves are full until we look closely. Because that is the only way this can be; can exist. It calls its own existence into question all the time.

the words that linger

single channel video, installation view (still) 2018


installation (clay stone, copper, pine) 2020

unbending molecules

digital photograph 2020

just ice

extract from 'encounters with exegesis' text 2020