Isaac Jordan

My practice revolves mainly around painting. I am interested in the spaces between things, the gaps, the edges. Often taken from certain films, the figures in my paintings become fragmented, tentative images where at times nothing is as important as something. By responding to and reimagining these figures, new conversations are created between works and the spaces they are shown in.

Often, when I’m painting, I find myself wondering ‘does John Carpenter paint?’

I think that if he does, he paints beach-balls, and that these beach-balls could just as easily be large gassy planets, or aliens with clawed


I allow these stray thoughts to float around and at points maybe enter into the work. I wouldn't mind if a stray beach-ball (kicked too high) drifts into the scene and lands splat in the mud of a boggy swamp.

Untitled (Dark Star)

12.5 x 7.5 cm, Oil on board, 2020

John Carpenter

15.5 x 9.5 cm, Oil on board, 2020

Wounded Breakfast

20 x 15.5 cm, Oil on board, 2019

Untitled (Dark Star)

11.5 x 9 cm, Oil on board, 2020

Untitled (Dark Star)

13 x 9 cm, Oil on board, 2020

No, No, No, I Wont Come (Go) Down No More

18 x 13cm, Oil on board, 2019