Isobel Gage

‘Disgust and Fascination are two sides of the same coin’

Upon hearing this at a lecture on ‘the Grotesque in Archaeology’ at King’s College London in 2015, it struck a chord on something I had been trying to articulate for quite some time. The bliss point between these two impressions was where I found the most interest when it came to people, society and the visual arts. That edge is what drives my interest, and what I strive for in my own practice.

Humans, and how we have interpreted and attempted to communicate our world, is what I make a study

of. How we find meaning in everything and nothing. Exploring this through studying different cultures. Looking into their mythology, folklore and god-bases. Seeing how it influences their society, past and present. Highlighting this in a humorous and satirical way through the medium of drawings, sculpture, theatre and mime.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s Skeleton Spectre - 2019

mural charcoal on paper 500x200cm

‘Draw your demons’ - 2019

mural - group drawing from the Halloween Exhibition charcoal on paper 250x200cm

DORIS - 2020

wearable puppet armature - willow and bamboo armature, papermache mask 150x100x60cm

plaster masks - 2018

reconstructed plaster casts fragments of multiple peoples faces plaster 20x16cm

Chinese ink Dragon

drypoint etching 21x15cm