Katya Sykes

i. Observer. Vessel. Human.

Seeking a new story for our species.
One that is already being told beneath our feet.
An ancient story of connection and balance sustained by symbiotic relations between all parts involved.

My practice concerns a developing collaboration with the transformative force that is Mycorrhizal fungi. Re-imagining a new relationship with this mysterious kingdom, a process rooted in trans-species contemplation.

In the darkness lies potential for narrative integration.

Occasionally I capture the traces of her spatial growth patterns. An infinite web of rhizomatic rhythms.

Aware of my projection I do not wish to personify or distort her being.

The figurative suggestions may arise from some place in between. Emerging from cracks amidst worlds unseen.

Inspired by the role she plays in the cycles of life and death. May she teach me the ways of letting die what must die.

Illuminating pathways,

providing hope for a new myth.



Myco-matter: volva series I


Myco-matter: volva series I


Myco-matter series II


Process I