Lauren Maria Hill

My practice involves a combination of painting, assemblage and object. My latest body of work is characterised by the conceptual arrangements of industrial materials such as hand cast concrete, copper piping and sand. The works explore transformation of material and communicate a paradox between what we see and what we choose to believe. I have the potential to develop my work into immersive installations, refined object-based sculptures and painting exhibits. My practice continues to develop across various mediums, thus allowing the medium to develop the ideas.

I also have a strong interest in research and collaboration within the arts

sector, particularly concerning the value of art and culture. I have taken part in collaborative community-based projects in Bristol, co-curated exhibitions which engage with the public, and have showcased my painting at Upfest in 2016 and 2018 - Europe's largest street art festival.

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Publication - Lauren Maria Hill

This publication features a text which outlines Lauren's current practice and multiple pages which visually document her sculptural and installation work.

Connection, 2020

This piece was made during the C-19 lockdown. The copper runs through the cast concrete lintel. This piece reflects my need at the time for order and stability as I made the connections to each element. Drawing in space.

Untitled, 2020

This work takes repetitive movement of sand through clasped hands, guiding the grains upwards and allowing them to fall organically. The stacked lintels create platforms and increase the volume of the work. The mirror is an important element in this piece in its ability to create a sense of infinity.

Untitled (Work in progress)

This oil painting will be a visual response to my object-type works. The cold grey concrete pigments will contrast against a warm sandy colour. There is some connection happening here between the physical object-type art and the visualisations that accompany them.

Untitled, 2020

Use of material in a non-traditional way, creating unique folds and tensions which cannot be repeated perfectly. Enveloping the bare wooden canvas structure, with themes of concealment and transparency.

Docklands Mural, 2018

This is an example of my large-scale mural paintings. I completed this particular piece as part of a 'youth opportunities' fair called YO Arts Fest, which I co-curated. The piece is site-specific and remains indoors at the community centre in Bristol.