Milly Francis

In my practice I am interested in the themes of time and decay and how the passing of time can be observed in the surrounding architecture and environment. In the past my work focused primarily on the environment – making work based on ideas of geology and the marks that humans leave on the landscape. Recently, however, my focus has shifted onto ideas of heritage, ruins, preservation, collections and display.

I have been exploring these ideas through the context of the English stately home and how these houses can often present us with a romanticised view of the

past. In my final project I have focused specifically on the interior spaces and collections of Tyntesfield, a Victorian Gothic House and explored the ways in which heritage sites choose to display their collections and the contrast between the opulence of the interiors and the gradual decay of the houses.


Drypoint on paper - Digitally Edited


Oil on Board


Drypoint on paper

Tyntesfield - Hallway

Oil on paper


Oil on Canvas