I make bold, physical works intent on captivating the audience. I’m deeply interested in the crossover between sculpture and installation. Motivated by how an installation requires more direct participation and involvement of the audience, it promotes a higher level of engagement and interaction.

As an artist I strive to create work that combines minimalism with surrealism. I have enjoyed experimenting with themes of repetition, movement, and physical scale. Playing on simple geometric shapes and using certain concepts such as gravity and balance. I set them in an environment where they seem unusual, surprising and even disconcerting. These elements combined with

a precise attention to detail create a sense of bemusement which I hope invites my audience to feel truly curious and consider how is it made and installed. Leading into my goal of having my audience question their idea of reality and the perceived facts that we take for granted.

Untitled, 2019 (plywood) size variable

Untitled, 2019 (plywood) size variable

Untitled, 2020 (foam board, Chrome vinyl wrap) 40cm x 6cm x 6cm

Proposed model representation of large scale piece I initially planned at the beginning of 2020.

Untitled, 2020 (foam board) 40cm x 60cm x 6.5cm

Untitled, 2017 (copper piping) 180cm x 90cm x 90cm

Untitled, 2019 (plywood) 25cm x 25cm x 25cm