Tina Salvidge

I am curious about the world around me - the extraordinary contained within the ordinary – often observed at an interface between rural and urban environments. I try to capture the uncanny moments of the everyday within the possibilities of the past by video, sound, photography, found objects, performance and text , intuitively following an investigation of deeply mined emotional and physical connections.

The relationship with my work is both co-dependant and alien with a certain disjunction and disorientation. Video work is used specifically to cultivate an anthropological investigation, often with one element dominating and

sound is an increasingly important element.

My own thinking and independent research link my ideas and investigations, refining concepts to create a world of observation, which at times can be melancholic, yet without being overly nostalgic. Overall I am an artist documentarian curious and non-judgemental in my approach.

Last Days (2020)

HD video 2020 5mins 8secs An interface that doesn’t “fit” between the natural world, and man’s scientific theories - the inexplicable and unaligned. Internet discussions of Carlo Rovelli without answers. Interpretations stumbled across. Nostalgia without melancholia interwoven, personal memories dementia. Watching cowboy films when I was a girl.

Nostalgia (1) (2020)

HD video 2020 8mins 57secs Exploration of the disconnection of sound and place revisited through field exploration and distanced via a lens of observational disjunction. A compass lost and found.

Warriors (2019) 12mins 56secs HD video

Originally a three screen video installation exploring Comrie POW camp, Hack Green nuclear bunker (where Thatcher's command to sink the Belgrano was sent) , Orkney war museums and sites of rendition in Kintyre - a journey through a hinterland of hidden conspiracies rendered rural but urbane alongside Adam Ant lyrics.

Minehead Hobby Horse (2018)

HD video 2018 17 mins Fine art documentary around the Minehead Hobby Horse and the idea of Communitas. People coming together through traditions and play ,and how environments change and are affected by socio-economic conditions.

John Donne (anti-Brexit Poem) (2017)

HD video 5mins 56secs (2017) No Man Is An Island by John Donne (1685) was read by PJ Harvey at Glastonbury festival in 2016 as a response to the Brexit vote - this video is an intervention of past and present across history and time. A response to events.

Kintyre (working title alien)

HD video (2016) 4mins 24secs originally a 3 screen installation. A place, a disjunction, the sea, a lunar landscape, a ship, a singing ringing tree.