Winston Irungu

I can describe my style of practise as simple as placing a microscope on black culture, a process in which I rediscover hidden history, atrocities, agendas and dilemma struggles of the dynamic Afrodiasporic group, highlighting the negative and positive that all the while history forgot to acknowledge or represent.

I paint, collage, stencil, sculpt and also print make, I am fascinated by mixing media and making new outcomes from old scrapheaps. I experiment with the use of paint/colours on different surface and textures to give an interesting feel to the outcome within the canvas. I am also interested in

the layering of materials in order to build a structural/sculptural composition. Most of my works are portraits and murals of black composite figures, I aim to communicate subjects such as racism, injustice, history and popular culture. The works included are a mix of my ongoing / finished pieces.

Woman In Tribal

Size: 84cm x 59cm MEDIA: Acrylic, Wooden Board


SIZE: 84cm x 59cm MEDIA : Acrylic, Newspaper Collage, Wood Board

A Haunting

SIZE: 70cm x 50cm MEDIA : Acrylic on Canvas

They're Grand

SIZE: 90cm x 65cm MEDIA : Acrylic on Canvas

Story Of Black

SIZE: 102cm x 82cm (x 2) MEDIA: Acrylic & Oil on Canvas (Ongoing Art Piece)


SIZE: 50cm x 36 cm MEDIA: Plasticine, Pva Glue, Dreadlock Hair, Oil & Acrylic on Wooden Board