Barry Rodd

I'm based in Cardiff and my main interests within design include typography, architectural lettering, generative art, screen-printed posters, and music packaging.

The course has given me the opportunity to experiment with fabrication techniques including lasercutting, 3d printing and casting. These new skills have allowed my work to develop in different directions which I have really enjoyed. My goal is to keep learning and improving so that I can continue to make work that excites me.

Brutal Teleidoscope

Teleidoscope made from cast concrete. A Teleidoscope is similar to a Kaleidoscope but gives the viewer a kaleidoscopic image created from a view of objects outside. Stills are taken from video piece shot through the Teleidoscope. Materials: Cast Concrete, mirror glass.

'Lost' Lightframe

Double sided illuminated lightbox/frame

Letterpress poster

A recipe for turnip pie that could come in handy. This piece was the result of a one day letterpress workshop.

'Manifesto' Folding poster