Tom Le Maitre

My practice has been shaped primarily by the development of different drawing techniques, and I am interested in how to explore the surreal through imagery and symbolism.

I have produced a diverse body of work and try not to restrict myself to one particular style; this is important to my feeling of growth as an artist. My most recent work has been an exploration of meditative drawing techniques, but applied to wood carving, which has been a completely new medium for me. I am excited by what the future might hold for my practice and welcome any opportunity to

explore new ideas!

The Imposter

An illustrative exploration of that feeling we all know too well... Hand-drawn with pen.

Sun Fishing

This is the first illustration for a children's book I'm working on - "Sun Searching". Our soul is reflected in the world around us, and if we spend more time searching for the unknown we will discover more about ourselves! Hand-drawn with pen and coloured pencil.

Helping Hand

A hand drawn and digitally coloured illustration, focussed on the relationship we have to the earth and the forces we can't see. I wanted the meaning of this to remain ambiguous, and for the viewer to apply their own personal beliefs to the image.


This was my final project - a series of woodcarvings made from used skateboards, exploring the meditative process of skateboarding and how to embody the feeling of movement in the carving process. The colours come from dyed layers of plywood in the boards - I didn't paint them!


This is a pen, coloured pencil and biro drawing inspired by a visit to Uluru. I wanted to contrast the surreal sounds of the didgeridoo and bring a modern illustrative twist to an ancient culture.

A Night In Glastonbury

This is a lino print based on a dark January evening spent in Glastonbury. I wanted to convey unease, as some strange events occurred that night...