Abby Ward

Hi, I'm Abby. I am a graphic designer who is passionate about crafting and developing ideas through design and creativity. My work is focused on creating positive change within the world and using current issues to initiate design with the intention to create impact. I enjoy working on current and relatable topics and try to involve people and their opinions to create my outcomes, which was my focus this year as my chosen subject was consumerism and the social and environmental impact it creates.

My strengths are in moving image and typography work as well as editorial and digital design

and have developed many skills in software such as Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects and I enjoy making physical and interactive work. I have experience working in studios and looking forward to having new opportunities and gaining my experiences as a designer in the exciting creative industry.


Inspired by Lanka Clayton, I documented people's answer's to 'what did you last order online?' I recorded their initial expressions to capture the fact that we all tend to mindlessly make purchases and forget what we order due to influences we have from advertisements and easier access to online shops.


A kit including a publication, bumper stickers and posters which focuses on giving the public a new perspective of life from the COVID-19 pandemic. It promotes new ways of happier and healthier living and the changes in our values of materialistic goods as well as improvements to climate change.


A printed outcome which is bound and embossed. I designed a unique card game that engages with the audience allowing them to pull out each object in a category to create an order of what matters to them most, questioning what is a luxury or necessity.


Billboards are a powerful method to target consumers in the city. My focus was to explore the manipulative language used on Bristol billboards. Using Google Maps I captured each advertisement over a duration of years and created my own interpretations of the language used to exploit consumers.


I asked a group of people to bring in 3 important objects in their daily life. Focusing on each individual, I took photographs and asked the reason for their choices. Reflecting on the consumerist culture we tend to follow and our perception towards materialistic goods, symbolising this through the basket.


Posters which fold up into pocket-sized publications. I focused on the environmental damages that packaging creates on our planet and the issues of overconsumption which is promoted by fast food chains. My intention was to inform the public about the mass purchases made each day with facts and imagery.