Anneka Van Munching

Although I have experience working in a variety of forms and methods within design, I am particularly drawn to illustrative projects that are concept-driven. I enjoy working within graphic design in that it's a way to creatively problem solve, and as a very organised and logical person, this has always made sense to me.

Letterform Ownership

I took samples of my friends handwriting and made a pattern out of singular letters to use on physical objects, which would then make the pattern an example of their personality/person.


A pattern made from a sample of one person's written lowercase alphabet, that can be used on cloth and worn, as a visible extension of personality and background.

Self Promotion

A series of bookmark business cards (playing off of a height joke because I am lanky) with a simple illustration on the front and my information on the back.

Travel Series

A set of 6 travel posters linking food and memory to specific locations that have meant something to me throughout my life.

Radio Response

Assigned the radio show 'Gardeners' Question Time' to listen to and create a response to, I pulled some of the more noteworthy quotes for a quiet illustrated poster.

Zia Roots

Promotional material for a fictional cultural festival based in my hometown celebrating food, music, art and dance.