Ashley Deniz Locke

I am a multi-disciplinary graphic designer from Ramsgate, Kent. My work involves both screen and print, specifically focusing on motion graphics and campaign work.

I am very fascinated by behavioural studies; working on youth engagement projects and celebrating the positive attributes of urban youth culture means a lot to me, as it is important to empower young people as valuable partners.

Skeng: The phonetics in slang and it’s use in Grime music

Skeng is a 110 page publication inspired by my ongoing interest around Grime music and the language used by members and the artists of this subculture. Showcasing the relationship between the slang that is used in the UK and Grime, celebrating both of these elements through typography.

County Lines Princess

A short motion awareness piece presenting an example of a real chat history between two young school girls, aged 14, showing the frightening casualness of how vulnerable girls can be groomed into a County Lines Drug Gang in order to help those spot the early signs of exploitation.


A series of awareness posters I created on grooming which were pasted up around Bristol.