Bec Coleman

Hello! My name is Bec. I am a curious, idea driven designer with a big interest in the world around me. Over the past three years I have worked across a lot of different projects to which I always try and respond in a fun and exciting way. I am hoping to become part of a team where boundaries are pushed and a sense of humour is appreciated.

COVID: Class of 2020

A yearbook like no other. I photographed how it feels to be graduating alone inside the four walls of your childhood bedroom.

Birds, Bees, STDs

Taking the stigma out of sex! Sharing our embarrassing stories so you feel more comfortable with yours.


A Sharedrobe™ is a collective wardrobe. I created the Sharedrobe™ as a way to encourage my friends to borrow not buy. It is a system of give and take, and an attempt to promote sustainability and a willingness to share.

Travel Stamps

On a trip to Berlin I filled a roll of 35mm film. I illustrated my favourite element from each photo into one design, which I turned into a temporary tattoo for a semi-permanent souvenir.

Who Wore it Better? (who gives a fuck)

A short video in response to all the newspaper articles comparing women and their clothing choices in the name of entertainment.

Someone, Somewhere

What do you think someone you’ve never met keeps in their top drawer? The drawer of a bank robber, your tax collector, or that man who loiters outside Farm Foods? I don’t know, but I’ve imagined it.