Caitlin Damsell

Howdy! I'm Caitlin. I'm a funky purple-haired designer based in Bristol who specialises in all things digital & print in the graphic design world.

From posters for every need and occasion, to branding and identity, photo, illustration, print, and even financial reports - I’ve been working in the industry for an eclectic variety of clients alongside my degree course at UWE.

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A book collection based around Jack The Ripper - a publication split into 5 parts (a symbol of the five key murders of his investigation), each book was individually designed to tell and represent a part of the story. These were then bound together inside a hard-fabric embossed slipcase.

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The aim for this campaign was to celebrate notable people who go above and beyond in the Bristol community. Led by the hashtag #BristolHeroes, we contacted three figures who received medals from the Lord Mayor for their outstanding work to be involved.

Collaborators: Samuel Thomas (Concept / Photography )

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Escapism - a word that is often used, but never quite explored. This book was created from anonymous responses regarding what escapism means to them, and provoked consideration into what they do in their lives that may be escapist behaviour. Every page visualised an individual response.

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Project completed in response to the 2020 ISTD brief 'Brand Type', in which I chose to brand a wearable blood pressure smart watch. As well as a total branding job, I titled the watch myself 'Smartheart' and worked with that to make a concertina publication.

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Burn It Down Festival (rock genre) package for 2020 - including first wave poster created for all social media needs / sizings, alongside individual band announcement posters.

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A series of photos I took and created for my degree Final Major Project study around Escapism. This series explored digital means as a way of escapism, and how the excessive use of gadgets in today's society can switch people off from the real world around them.