Cat Jarrett

I like creating expressive design which is built around extensive research, allowing me to not only gain understanding but also a feel for what the work needs to become. Creating type and print outcomes is something I pride myself in, seeing a document go from screen to print is a very rewarding experience. Using a minimal style I also create short films, where I like to experiment with sound as well as filming. After recently learning to code I have found a new addiction and cannot seem to stop.

The Broken Routine

This project is about how the lockdown effected our routines around being able to create work. Exploring the before, after and result, via type and visual pieces.

Gender Inequality in the Workplace: A Routine?

A series of print outcomes exploring the question has gender inequality become a routine in the workplace.

The Seeds

A printed publication investigating the life cycle of seeds. Exploring with different paperstocks, devices and illustrations the importance of seeds in the ever changing climate we currently live in.

Apps and Habits

A website I coded delves into how apps have been built to become habits and therefore addictive. The added javascript effects create a feel that the technology is being broken down.

The Daily Routine

A video filmed and edited by myself, following my daily routine. By using the same clips throughout it shows the repetitiveness that our days involve.