Ella Staines

Based in London, I am a visually led creative. I have a keen focus on editorial layout, art direction, graphic design and print. My ethos is to fulfil tasks with an optimistic, experimental and adventurous approach. Recently graduated, I look forward to expanding my knowledge and developing my creative skills even further, in order to contribute to the continuously advancing and fascinating world of design.

Using Everyday Items as Protective Masks

A fun project inspired by the unusual and inventive ways people have been protecting themselves in public during the Covid-19 pandemic. Self art directed and photographed.

21st January 1998

Recalling my birth through memories of relatives and a collection of memorabilia. The book highlights all contradictory and supported statements - leading us to question what is the true narrative?

Fake News

(1/3) This work aims to illustrate the overwhelming impacts of fake news during the current pandemic. Exploring the way in which it is warping and shaping the truth. It was designed in an attempt to educate and inform those that may not recognise these stories as false. A2 folded.


Creating work around the subject of the Unknown. I taught myself basic HTML and CSS skills to create a website with intense colours and repetitive graphics to illustrate the frustration, difficulty and inability of finding an answer to the Unknown. Visit discovertoday.online to see more.

Responding to the Unknown

A series of photographs taken of my family self isolating due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with accompanying interviews. This aims to explore how different generations react to a time of uncertainty. Printed by Newspaperclub.com and selected to be showcased as one of their favourite designs of April 2020.

Inconnu Typeface

Introducing Inconnu! A typeface unrecognisable by OCR (a character recognition software) but legible to the human eye. Allowing you to have private conversations freely.