Emilia Bermejo-Ford

My practice is underpinned by the belief that I am a citizen before a designer. I am never content with scratching the surface and strive to produce socially and politically driven messages in engaging and humorous ways. Aesthetic should not come at the sacrifice of content, and I am particularly focussed on the use of language within design, including copy and creative writing.

How to Excel

How to Excel brings together different literary texts on aspects of contemporary ways of working as a way to contextualise an experiment in observation using Excel spreadsheets. The first edition is focussed on the Instagram Influencer.

Bulls*t Job? SOS!

Think you have a bullsh*t job? Heres a quick way to cry for help!

Give the Tool A Break!

Give the Tool a Break is an in-office beach towel. Made a profit? Congratulations, time to relax! But why take that expensive, carbon producing holiday when you can beach from your desktop? With new an improved L.E.D sun!

The Extended Life of the Office Chair

The Extended Life of the Office Chair is a book about work. Supported by the text from Malleable Bodies, it looks at how our office ergenomics facilitate the receptive, monotonous and technocentric working culture of the office job that has become so popular.

The Sound of A Movement

The Sound of A Movement explores the role of the reproduction and dissemination linked to a manifesto as a physical activity of production, rather than a passive experience of consumption. The act of rubbing reinforces the ideas of commitment, hard work and togetherness that define the manifesto. 

They said the words climate crisis and I came!

Workshop designed and ran by myself and Sienna Chapman, at the Arnolfini Gallery. Exploring a future in which our planet has changed drastically due to the climate crisis, we questioned how our language could change in response to create a narrative for the climate crisis that is accessible and empowering.