Emily de Aguilar

I am a confident maker. My passion lies in the process, this may be the process of reaching an outcome or the physical process of making something. I am skilled in idea generation, editorial design, image making, typography and illustration. Empathy and compassion are at always kept at the forefront of my work, meaning I create sensitive and appropriate design.

I am eager to work with non profits and independent organisations, utilising the skills I have honed over the last few years at UWE.

More images of my work can be found on my website emilydeaguilar.com

Thou Shalt Eat

In this book are 7 lessons and 7 practices that encourage a more wholesome and rewarding cooking experience as well as stories about food and cooking from myself and my father, who along with my mother, taught me to cook and facilitated all of my food experiments.

Be Generous

An extension from Thou Shalt Eat. A flag that represents the value and story that gave way to the book- Be Generous. Thou Shalt Eat discusses how food and cooking can provide more than just sustenance and this flag represents this school of thought.

All in this together

A series of posters created in response to panic buying due to Covid-19. Over buying led to the most vulnerable people in society going without basic necessities. Spread the message that this is something we need to work through TOGETHER. Help your neighbours, we are all in this together.

Why Your Understanding of Collectivism is Probably Wrong

An article written by Thomas Talhelm unpacks ideas about Collectivism, looking at rice growing societies vs wheat growing ones, unmasking the real characteristics of a Collectivist society. Designed and illustrated by me, featuring photography by myself, Jack de Aguilar and cover image by Conor McBride.

Through the Stomach

Through the Stomach is a project exploring heritage and food. I collected submissions from people who have emigrated from their country of birth or people who have strong familial ties in other countries. Food can play a major role in feeling connected to your heritage, I wanted to celebrate this.

By Any Means

The results of a workshop in which participants were asked to create a breathing mask from discarded skins from fruits and vegetables. This project was in response to discussions around face coverings during Covid-19 and advice from health officials to make homemade masks.