Lau Eve Lyn

Eve is a concept led creative where her works explore prints, art direction, moving images, editorial designs, illustration to photography. She enjoys every bit of the design process and loves injecting a hint of quirkiness into the works she do. She is always open to learning new things. When not designing, she reads, travels and journals.

Words of Confusion— Should I?

A series of prints exploring the uncertainties that's troubling people on daily basis, especially during this pandemic. Since we are all staying home, the visuals utilise everyday objects we can find at home.

The Tyranny of Choice

“We like choices because it feels luxurious. Choice of all sorts is dazzling...!” How can we deny choice is the luxury of modern living? This project approach the subject of choice in a quirky, sarcastic way using everyday objects.

The Concept of Zero

We don’t often, or perhaps ever, pay attention to the number zero. Do we acknowledge zero as a number or just a void we realise when we are missing something? As you flip through the pages, may you see the world with fresh eyes with the concept of zero.

Words of Confusion, Should I? Part II

This brief aims to reimagine the narrative of struggling international student into a series of Instagram stories– with the elements of Instagram polls, ask me a question, memories, video, gif, sound etc.

Choice-Free Supermarket

“In reality, many choices are between things that are not that much difference...”As options multiply, so does our time and effort. So, why bother cracking your head deciding? In , there are no better options, only the best.

What if, maybe, should I?

This brief intends to explore and reinterpret the notion behind the words we mutter when we’re confused or– indecisive. The outcomes involve a series of sound pieces that reinterprets the words based on actual situations.