Filbert Salim

Hey, I am filbert! A graphic designer currently located in Bristol, UK. I am studying my final year of graphic design at The University of the West of England. My work is quite diverse, ranging from a digital typography-centred approach to print design—favours bold aesthetics.

My work tries to create an impact on the audience and set a different outlook from the so-called “normal.”

Keep the Design Flow Going

Quarantine Design Experimentation.

A lot Less_ A lot More

Due to COVID-19, records show significantly higher levels of anxiety, with an estimated 33 percent rate increase of symptoms than usual. The content of this publication looks at the outbreak from an optimistic perspective and, hopefully, can provide a new outlook for those most impacted during this difficult time.

We Are Not the Virus

Yelled at, spit on and attacked. We Asians living abroad fear for our safety as bigots blame us for COVID-19. The number of Asians being beaten up and assaulted is increasing rapidly. It is time to voice ourselves. Beat the virus, not the Asians.


The representative of numbers, in this case, was the Fibonacci sequence. You can find Fibonacci everywhere; however, you just didn't notice it. In this publication, we will be discussing where we can find the Fibonacci sequence and what is their purpose.