George Goodwin

London-based digital artist, specialising in graphic art and animation. Aiming to eventually branch out of small-scale freelance work, and curate my own independent design studio, focussing on all things illustrative and moving image based.


Professional introductions out of the way, my name is George Goodwin and I am a recent graduate of UWE Bristol, I've worked most recently as a Concept Artist, Animator and CG Supervisor in the music industry, with animation/CGI for music videos and promotional media.

I greatly enjoy utilising digital media, due to its forgiving nature, as well as its capabilities to create really unique peices

of work. In addition, the process of learning new softwares and honing my skills whilst developing my design language is something I find an incredibly rewarding challenge.

I welcome you to take a look at some of my work, and get a glimpse of my process, website and social media.

Book Of Monsters : illustrated confessions of a troubled mind - Bestiary Vol 1

An illustrated bestiary, with monsters, monoliths or scenes that represent certain confessions of peoples deepest regrets or fears. Acting as a medium of confessional catharsis, the book was aimed at giving participants a way of anonymously sharing the skeletons in their closet, providing an outlet towards a clearer conscience.

Burn After Writing - Tarot Readings To Burn & Purge

Tarot readings, deliberately designed to be discarded. Intended to be used as a way of writing down any negative thoughts you may have, simply to get rid of them from your immediate subconscious. Once used, they can either be stowed away, never to be seen again, or destroyed altogether.

Poster-A-Day : Creative Catharsis

A series of posters, one created per day for a week, made with the intention of persuing an individual journey of using creativity as a means of catharsis, whilst also using the format to promote cathartic action to members of the public when in situ.

Blood Rush

This is a small introduction scene to a music video I was working on early in the year, due to release dates/NDA I cannot show the entire piece as of yet. The clients identity is heavily space/fantasy based, this video follows the story of a lost space explorer.


A small peek in to my testing process, for a music video project I'm currently working on. I'm designing models, producing my own HDRi maps, and tracking 3D characters in to real life scenes. It's been an interesting journey, working as a one man CGI/animation studio!