George Richardson

Graphic designer based in Bristol. I am someone that likes to think of myself as not only a designer but an artist. I feel most creative when thinking of new concepts and ideas that help progress my work further. I’m someone that likes to experiment with process, not being tied down to any particular field when it comes to the output of my work.

Dress For Social Distancing

I created a dress with a radius of 6ft in all directions, the governments recommended measure for social distancing at the time. The dress acts as a tool for the user to ensure they are complying with the rules at all times.

Stuck inside for 5 hours

Lockdown had everyone stuck at home for months. I explored my own version of lockdown by exaggerating the space I was stuck in, I did this by locking myself in a small empty room for 5 hours with nothing but a chair and drawing materials to write down my thoughts.

A Symbol of Diversion / Diversion into the world

Exploring what diversion looks like through symbols and different ways change can be represented. I then placed these symbols into the world around me like futuristic cavemen markings.

Haiku my week

Throughout lockdown, each week I wrote a haiku poem about how the week went touching on what I had been doing and my feelings. I collated them into a box that I could add to as lockdown progressed.


A publication on little white lies we tell each other on a daily basis such as "be there in 5", and what we actually mean written in code form for readers to translate.

T-shirt a day

I set myself a task of creating and printing a t-shirt every day for 20 days using a heat press I have at home. I created a range of tops, some political and some more playful. All whilst collaborating with other designers and raising money for black lives matter charities.