Georgia Howie

My name is Georgia Howie, I'm a Multidisciplinary Designer passionate about Visual Storytelling through practises such as Moving Image & Graphic Design.

As a recent BA (Hons) Graphic Design Graduate at Bristol UWE, I have gained a variety of creative skills ranging from Editorial Design to Motion Graphics and Photography to Filmmaking. I enjoy using these elements as a tool for inspiration, change and connection within our society. As an outdoors enthusiast, I like to incorporate nature, sports and the environment within my work. I thrive off new projects and enjoy using art direction and problem solving for new innovative


I am passionate about collaborating with people and maintaining client relations, my inspiration for my work not only comes from my surroundings but from people with different cultures and backgrounds; their stories and ideas influence me to produce work through the use of Creative Media.

A Sea Woman

A short story about one Woman and her relationship towards the Sea. To inspire all women of any generation to encourage one another and celebrate the fierce power & positive healing impact of the big blue. Filmed on a wonderful winters evening back in February 2020.

TheraSea Zine

This zine is designed to help educate people about alternative treatments for mental health issues and to influence more people to get outside in the depths of nature. Thera-Sea provides life changing stress management retreats by the coast that are educational and rewarding in equal parts.

Water Women Handmade Cyanotype Book

I invited 50 female friends and family from all over the world to share their favourite memories relating to Water. I developed their images into Cyanotype prints to create a blue water theme. Our water experiences and the colour blue is considered to be beneficial to our mind and body.

Save Our Seas

Repeatedly seeing disasters in the news and on the web makes us desensitised however, if we changed the perspective, turning the viewer into the subject itself, could create a whole new meaning. To be the victim in the harsh reality we are facing, would allow us to empathise and act.

Jam Industries

A short promotional video I filmed & edited for Jam Industries; a ‘surf and city’ style brand with a concept inspired by the love of the ocean and weekend escapes. As well as selling good quality clothing, they host many different events and this was the launch of Padstow Gin.

Me Too Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is still so new to the world, it has a powerful ability to attract people's attention and specific projects like these facilitate conversations about women’s issues around the world. It elevates the global consciousness surrounding the obstacles women encounter in their daily lives, both personal and professional.