Georgia Macmenemey

I am a graphic designer who specialises in editorial layouts, publications, type and fashion - I also dabble in web coding (html and css). I often try to approach my work with a humorous/satirical tone of voice with a design style to match. I have a preference to work which addresses social or political issues. Much of my work here focuses around technology - particularly the way we as humans interact and often depend on it for many different things, and the effect this can have on us.

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A Tinderella Story

A typographic publication written from the point of view of a 20 y/o girl trying online dating for the first time. The intent was to highlight the way dating apps and online dating has changed the nature of dating and relationships.

Eyes on the road

A set of bumper stickers I designed based on the topic of texting and driving. The point was to dissuade people from using their phones behind the wheel. I attempted to use 'bumper sticker' language which is often jokey and playful.

Thumbs Font

In a project where I looked into the way we over-use forms of technology, I developed a font using only lines I created from drawing around my thumbs. As demonstrated, the purpose was to suggest ways we could use our thumbs other than scrolling on our phones.

Helsinki Publication

After going on a trip to Helsinki in Finland, I decided to make a publication from the images and information I collected.

Out There

A typographic publication I designed for the ISTD brief on 'migration'. It tackles the social issue that is County Lines Drug Trafficking in the UK and attempts to explore the varying perspectives of the individuals involved.

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Where is here?

I was investigating the extent to which technology has effected our awareness of our surroundings. I gave people a blank map of Bristol and asked them all to plot the same areas, this publication shows the respondents answers compared to the correct locations.