Jade Rose Alakwe

I’m a motion designer based in London; with a passion for Art Direction, Motion Design and Typography. I am passionate about Social, Political and Cultural movements and enjoy creating pieces that both inspire and bring awareness to a topic through a narrative. I am also always open to engaging with new ways of design to learn new skills. I am eager to develop my knowledge in the Motion Graphics industry as that’s where my skills and passion lie. Throughout university I have taught myself how to use the Adobe Suite specifically being After effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, InDesign and

Illustrator; through this, I have become captivated by motion and moving image and can really imagine myself learning and growing in that industry.

This is Me

This video represents the number of times I say umm in a short space of time. The visual is of a hand-rendered pattern, digitally edited into a 2d rotating animation.


A Moving Type interpretation of the word Coils

Don't Touch My Hair

A type-based video exploring moving type expressing the importance of the Don't Touch my Hair movement.

Rake Scrunch Detangle

This video portrays some steps in the curly girl method that is key for people with curly hair