Julia Szwed

I am an open-minded individual with a passion for the environment and social change. I have been a creative person since a very young age, painting all over the walls in the house. It’s a peaceful process that has become one of my biggest passions. I like to create work with meaning behind it in a style that is bold and illustrative. Within graphic design I specialise in branding work including logo design, posters and merchandise as well as illustration, editorial and digital design. I also hope to be more involved with physical design such as upcycling and mural

work. My ambition in life is to create work that helps aid in changing the world for the better, whether that be within local communities or the environment as a whole.

No phones - Campaign Poster

Poster created with the intention of encouraging people to stay off their phones at music venues. Supported and featured by The Crofters Rights and The Island, popular event venues in Bristol. One of 4 colour series.

Connect Semaphore

A short video outcome documenting the word 'connect' using semaphore while exploring various ways of visual communication and language. Using hand made flags created from recycled materials.

No phones campaign - T-shirt Design

T-shirt design created with the intention of encouraging less phone use in public. I screen printed these myself using various bright colour combinations. The designs were also adjusted for small tote bags.

Windows with Rainbows

A video outcome combining a publication design with motion. Publication was a direct response to the creations I came across during my daily dose of activity during the Covid-19 pandemic. A collection of my favourite creations by the people of Bristol.

Pick up!

A publication which was printed the same size as an average smartphone with a metal cover to make it feel just like a phone. It contained facts and figures that encourage users to evaluate their relationship with their phone.